Dance Fitness for Parents with their Babies


*Please bring a playmat or yoga mat with you and your buggy 

 *No previous dance experience required*

•  The first 20 minutes of class is focused on a dance based cardio workout with small breaks to give you a chance to recover.  All exercises have low and high impact options so you can tailor your workout to where you're at physically post birth.  We entertain your baby in their buggy, dancing in front of them and occasionally moving them around the room.  

•  Following that you can hold your baby while we spend the next 10 minutes on strengthening exercising such as squats, this is of course fun for Mum/Dad and Bubs.

•. Then we stretch as your baby lays/sits next to you on a playmat or yoga mat (please bring with youand have a moment to activate those all important post baby core stabilising muscles such as the pelvic floor and deep abdominals.

• We don't expect babies to be perfect or quiet so don't worry if they get upset, you are more than welcome to stop and give them a cuddle, nappy change or feed.  We'd love to meet you so come check us out, what have you got to lose!