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In January I got the best present in the world... a beautiful baby girl.  Like most new mums and dads I was warned about the lack of sleep and how my world would turn upside down, but nothing really does prepare you for the reality of being a parent.  I thought I would have all this time to exercise, watch Netflix and have calm coffee's whilst gazing into my new babies eyes as she chuckles at my silly faces. HA the joke was on me!

Instead I ended up trying to do pilates/yoga in my sitting room after all the housework was done around 9pm at night or not at all. Which after 13 years of being a professional dancer on Broadway and the West End, this new reality was a huge change and very difficult to come to terms with. Like many couples we had to watch the pennies as I was on maternity leave and couldn't justify gym memberships or hiring a babysitter in order to work out and so I slipped into the age old "oh I'll do everything else first then look after me" which of course rarely happened. 

Dancin Mums & Bubs is designed for parents who love to have a buggy...sorry boogie, those who want to workout to fun music, bring their children along, meet other dance loving parents but most importantly we want you to focus on looking after you! We don't expect babies to be perfect or quiet so don't worry if they get upset, you are more than welcome to stop and give them a cuddle, nappy change or feed.  We'd love to meet you so come check us out, what have you got to lose!

 Sarah x


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