Dancin Mums & Bubs



Led by Broadway & West End Dancer

Sarah Bakker


*No previous dance experience required*

Dance Fitness

Dance Fitness for Parents with their babies.

 45 mins

Private Lessons in Dance Fitness, Buggy Ballet, Open Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Singing

For all ages
Beginner - Advanced


"As a new mum I found it so easy to forget about looking after myself. Each day exercise was always the last thing on my list even though I'm a professional dancer and teacher. Once I started creating the exercises for Dancin Mums & Bubs I noticed I could handle situations more calmly and my body was feeling stronger. I had even more laughs with my daughter as we did the exercises and overall I was a happier Mumma.”

Sarah Bakker owner of Dancin Mums & Bubs



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